Top universities for finance in Germany

In today’s era where almost every field is overtaken by artificial intelligence or in the future is going to be overtaken by AI, there are still many fields that have time to be overtaken by artificial intelligence and the jobs of finance are one of them. Not many students are good at finance, but those who love finance will rule the world in the upcoming days. The prerequisites of finance are core mathematics and other subjects of commerce like statistics, accounting and some other important subjects knowledge is important to gain to become good in finance. Today in this blog we will discuss the top three universities for finance in Germany in 2024. Let us dig into this.

universities for finance in germany

3. Freie Universitat Berlin 

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Today’s number third university that is best for studying finance in Germany. Freie University is located in Berlin. it has more than one campus in the city of Berlin. The university is famous for its research work all over the world Another benefit of this university is that it offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees without charging any fee, they charge fees for some of their programs which is another unique point of this university. The degrees they are offering include different degrees in English, graduate degrees, master’s degrees, and doctoral degrees. It is considered one of the universities for finance in Germany.

2. Goethe university Frankfurt

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Goethe University is the second-best university in Germany for students wishes or do finance as their field and career. This university is located in Germany along with more than one campus in the country. The university is ranked number 236 globally among many other universities. It caters to both national and international students and for international students they don’t charge any fee once you get into the university you only have to pay an administrative fee per semester that will include living expenses, food, and some other advantages. It does not offer a bachelor’s program, this university only offers master’s or postgraduate programs along with some great faculties teaching there.

1. Technical university of Munich

One of the best universities in Germany and the dream of many students to get there it also has a low acceptance rate. It is located in Munich, Germany, and has a great campus and campus life for its students. It is ranked 37 globally among all the universities in the world. The faculty and research things make them the best among all universities in Germany. It caters to both national and international students. They charge fees from the students who are from international students who are from a third country. The TUM offers both bachelor’s and master’s programs for their students, they have higher admission criteria.

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