Stanford University: The top personality graduates

Many students always think about whether universities play a major role in getting a good job or anything not, the answer to be precise is that universities do play a major role in getting a good job or starting a good career it helps in career development and getting to know yourselves which includes your weaknesses and strength within the world. It helps a person get connections and exposure to surviving in a competitive world. Today in this blog we are going to discuss top personalities in the world who graduated from Stanford University. Stanford University is located in the United States of America. Let us dig into this.

image of stanford university

1. Larry page:

Larry Page is the chief executive officer of the world’s best search engine google. He was born in Michigan. His parents were computer enthusiasts which helped him know the importance and the future of computers and software as well. He pursued his degree in software engineering from Stanford University. He met his partner at Google company sergey brin them and they became friends and formed a company later which is ruling the world these days. In 1998 they came up with the idea of a small search engine which later converted into the greatest search engine in the world.

larry page the alumni of stanford university.

2. Sergey Brin

It is not possible to not talk about him when we talk about Larry page both become. Another co-founder of Google company Sergey Brin also studied at Stanford University. Before getting into Stanford he studied computer science and mathematics he was admitted for graduation in Stanford University where he completed his further education, he received his master’s degree in 1995 and enrolled himself in Stanford’s doctorate program which later he dropped it because of the commitment issues with his business and time issues. He decided to give his full time to his and his friend’s company which is now one the best search engines in the world. 

Sergery bin the alumni of stanford university.

3. Tiger woods

Many computer science students are graduates of Stanford University including Sundar Picha(Chief Executive Officer, Google, and Alphabet) and many other computer enthusiasts. The reason for discussing Tiger Woods here is that he belongs to the sports industry and Stanford not only entertains computer freaks but also encourages other professions like sports, economics, and others. Tiger is now a world champion player in golf. His journey with Stanford University started when he was at the start of his career and as a gift of being a good player, they admitted him to the institute under the sports(golf) scholarship which courage him to move further in this sport, Later he became world champion in the golf and he was the youngest one to conquer this achievement at the age of 21. He got his master’s degree in 1997. Today he is a renowned golf professional with several accolades and titles.

tiger bin the alumni of stanford university.

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