Data Science Mastering: Top University Picks

data science

Data is always available no matter how the world is going toward artificial intelligence. Useful data always helps industries, businesses, and other platforms to grow to the skies. Raw data is available to everyone and the one who knows how to show insightful insight from it has the power to bring someone to the sky from land. Today we are going to discuss the top 5 universities that have excelled themselves in giving students the best knowledge to become a data scientist or analyst and pursue data science.

1-Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT):

It is one of the best institutes around the globe, located in the United States of America. The Institute is offering an applied data science program both physical and online, depending on the students. The duration of the course is 12 weeks which will include 2 weeks for the foundation, 6 weeks for the core curriculum 1 week for project submissions. 3 weeks for a final, integrative Capstone project. during which you will learn the following concepts:

  • Good hands-on coding.
  • You will get industry expertise from different organizations like Microsoft, Mu Sigma, and many others.
  • Theoretical concepts of how the analytical tools work.
  • Mentors with good knowledge regarding this domain and getting interacting with them with some great sessions.
  • Data-driven problems and their solution within the team.

The fee is approximately $3900, commencing between jan12-jun16 2024.

data science

2-Carnegie Mellon University:

Carnegie Mellon University is one of the renowned universities around the world located in the United States of America providing data sciences and statistical theory and practice. Mellon University is offering both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Actually, for bachelor’s, they are offering a B.S. in statistics and a b.s in statistics and machine learning. Basically, without learning core statistics it is difficult to become a good data analyst or data scientist. The outline will include different courses in mathematics and statistics from the beginning to the core level. On the other hand, they are offering a master’s degree in data sciences.

The deadline for getting registered is January 15, 2024. The degree will be 4 years which will include which will include fall, spring, and electives. 

Fall consists of the following breakdowns:

  • Mini-1 which will be from August to October.
  • Mini-2 which will be from October to December.
  • The full semester will be from August to December.

Spring consists of the following breakdowns:

  • Mini-3 will be from January to March.
  • The full semester will be from January to May.

Electives will consist of courses apart from data sciences just to know the interest in other fields as well.

data science

3-University of California:

The University of California is also located in the United States of America. The following university is offering a major in data science means the student can do data sciences with some equivalent degree and has to study there if he/she wants to start studying they have to select two majors one to start studying there. Actually, it is their master’s program where a student has two majors for completing their master’s.

Their fall semester is getting started on September 11, 2023- Jan 2, 2024, and the spring semester is commencing from February 5, 2024 – May 24, 2024

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