Many people and students always have many questions in their mind about whether a university plays a major role in succeeding in the real world or not and they always wonder if it is worth going to a place where you have to spend a lot of money to get a piece of paper that is known as the degree at the end, so the answer is university do play major role in developing your character, it may not play a great role in one’s success but it surely plays a major role in networking because in universities you meet different minds that helps you understanding in the world and how the world works or how will it work for you in your future. Today we are going to discuss the top three famous personalities who graduated from Harvard University and are doing great. Let us dig into harvard’s politicians careers.

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1) Barak Obama

One of the most famous personalities and harvard’s politicians in the world who
represented the United States as the 44 th president was a graduate of Harvard
University. He graduated from Harvard University in 1991 where he was studying
in the law college of Harvard. He graduated with one the greatest title or honors
which calls magna cum laude, which means with great praise, and this title
is for those students who achieve academic excellence in their time. He
is the first African American president of the law Harvard Review.

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2) George Bush

Another famous person and politician who served the United States as the 43 rd
president and is the one who always gives tough competition to Barak Obama, h
did not study law at Harvard but he was the one who did an MBA from Harvard
and graduated in 1975. After completing his master’s he returned to Midland,
where he began working for a Bush family friend, an oil and gas attorney, and
later started his own oil and gas firm. He started his career as a businessman and
later he joined the government as a tax advisor later he became capable of
standing in elections of the United States and then he became president there. He
was already a very name personality later with the support of his connections
and due to his great mind, he came into politics.

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3) AL Gore

AL Gore was the former vice president of the United States. He was the 43 rd vice-president of the United States. His graduation as from Harvard University in 1969 and then he was short-listed in the army serving in the Vietnam War as a military reporter. The major he selected was English which is why he worked as a report writer several times but later he converted his major to politics. The reason for discussing this here is that he began campaigning for the freshman student government council and was elected its president.

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