Harvard’s Graduate – The Famous Actors or Actress

A research says that many people think in their minds that is it worth going to university and spending a good amount of money if you want to pursue some ordinary fields except computer science, law, and some other famous fields. People come to Harvard to study fields like arts, acting, and many other fields that are not famous. You know what? If you want to judge a university or their programs you can see their alumni and what are they doing in their lives. Harvard is one of the universities from which many politicians, computer freaks, and actors have studied there, which is one of the reasons that Harvard comes in the top 5 best universities. Today we are going to discuss the top three actors/actresses who graduated from Harvard University. Let us dig into this.

1. Natalie Portman

She is an Israeli-American actress who was born in Israel and later migrated to the United States of America. She completed her bachelor’s degree from Harvard University in the year 2003 where she did psychology. As she was already pursuing her career before her bachelor’s so just after her graduation they give award acclaiming for many work she did. Many people here must be confuse about why Natalie did psychology when she started he career as an actress and had to continue it later, the answer is that she used to say about this is that acting and psychology are very similar. Studying at Harvard did open her mind more regarding her statement.

2. Tommy Lee

One of the most famous and old actors of the United States of America. He was a graduate of Harvard University he did a bachelor’s in English and graduated in 1969. He was a footballer too and this skill was accomplished by his university along with a great connection he got there was of AL Gore who was his roommate and later became the vice-president of the United States of America. His football journey started when he first participated in an inter-university match of football that was between Yale University and Harvard University, the match was resulted in drawn. After graduation he was declared physically unfit for football due to some reason and because he pursued acting.

3. Stockyard Channing

One of the finest actresses who did multiple shows and films. She was born in Manhattan and grew up in the Upper East Side. She also study at Harvard University where he did recieve her degree of bachelor’s in 1965 with great honors which is: “summa cum laude” which means “with the greatest praise”. they give award to those students who have graduated with a good CGPA in all 4 years of university life. At the same time, these rewards are different in every university based on CGPA.

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