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Skills can be increase by doing courses. Yes, it is true that if a person is doing courses from good and authentic websites, it will increase their knowledge and help them gain more skills. Professionals and students have always wanted to learn more from their work and studies. And many people want to keep accelerating in their studies for those it is one of the best things to do online courses. Online courses have multiple benefits it has flexible timings which can help you fix your timetable accordingly. And many online course certifications which later help in gaining jobs, and many more benefits. Today we are going to discuss the best to do free online courses site. Let us dig into this.

online Courses Site

3. Udemy

It is one of the online courses sites that offers multiple courses for beginner-level to expert-level the courses they offer are from every industry. IT or finance or any other industry, you just have to land on a course of your interest. Udemy doesn’t offer any course on financial aid as the fee has to be decided by the instructor of the course but Udemy does allow discounts for those who can’t pay the total amount. It offers a certificate after completing your course you can avail it. The courses here are offered by professionals and those who have completed their degrees and already have experience.

udemy the online Courses Site

2. EDX

EDX is another platform that offers online courses sites along with a flexible schedule for the courses you are taking from EDX. It does offer discounts up to 90% for the ones who can’t afford the higher fees. For most of the students who are not earning enough to pay their certificates are verified. Assistance is also available in most of the discounted courses but in some courses of EDX there is no assistance on discounted courses you can get approved by the sites for about 5 times in the period of 12-months. The instructors are here very professional and have experience in teaching.

edx the online Courses Site

1. Coursera

One of the best online courses site to do online courses with flexibility. Coursera offers many types of courses whether it is finance, data science, IT, arts, and, many others. Coursera have a variety of courses for students and professionals of every interest. Receiving financial aid is easy here as compared to other online course websites, they accept financial requests based on academic background. Students can pay the fee or not because some of the courses are expensive for those who are not earning enough. Another reason for Coursera being on top is that it has a variety of good teachers who have tons of experience.

coursera online Courses Site

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